Trump Tried To Blame Obama For His Own Virus Testing Failures – It Blew Up In His Face

Poor Donald Trump! He’s screwed up the federal response to the novel coronavirus, the economy is in the crapper, and his approval rating is at its lowest level since he took office.

Of course, as it always the case, nothing is ever the Donald’s fault. And he proved that again today at the White House when he had a meltdown about testing for the virus and said there’s no need to do millions of tests before the country opens up.

None of this is my fault! Trump complained. And then he tried to blame his predecessor, Barack Obama, remarking:

“Look, we are better than anyone else in the world on testing. We have tested more than anybody in the world, and we have the best tests in the world, and that’s been all developed in the last couple of months because we started off with nothing. We had absolutely nothing, and that included ventilators, and that included, I always say the cupboards were bare. They were bare in the military, and they were bare medically in terms of pandemics or epidemics or whatever you want to call it.”

There’s just one problem with Trump’s assertion: It’s complete bullshit. Trump disbanded the Pandemic Response Team set up by Obama and didn’t bother to restock the federal stockpile of emergency medical equipment (i.e. masks, gloves, ventilators).

It only took a few minutes for social media to remind Trump of his own failures and set him straight on who’s to blame:

Tomorrow, maybe Robert Mueller or James Comey will make a cameo in some of Donnie’s waking fever dreams which he seems to believe are actually real. That, or he’ll fall back on the old reliable: Blame Hillary.

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