Cash-Strapped Trump Forced To Sell His Personal Helicopter

Donald Trump loves to brag about how rich and successful he is. He often brags about how he built the Trump Organization into one of the greatest companies in the world and made himself a billionaire in the process.

But if that’s true, why exactly does Trump refuse to release his taxes or let anyone see the financial records for his corporation?

Based on a new report, it would appear that the Donald is facing money problems and has begun liquidating parts of his “empire,” and the first thing on the auction block is his personal helicopter, according to Business Insider:

“Canada’s Aero Asset and California’s Jet Edge Partners are leading the sale, with the latter’s website showing that a deal for the aircraft is pending. If a sale goes through before Trump leaves office on January 20, 2021, at noon, the soon-to-be-former president will be left grounded. Well, at least when it comes to rotorcraft.”

How much is Trump expecting to get for the helicopter? Well, similar aircraft normally go for around $1.4 million, but it could fetch even more with the connection to the current U.S. head of state and upgrades that have been made:

“Seating for six upholstered in ecru and almond leather with gold fittings, African mahogany paneling and table veneers, suede headliner and window screens, floor-to-ceiling drink cabinet, entertainment screen and soundproofing.”

Why would Trump choose now to sell? Is he planning to travel less and realizes he doesn’t need a helicopter once he leaves the White House? It could well be the most basic reason of all: He needs the money, especially since he’s facing enormous legal expenses to pay the attorneys who will be trying to keep him out of prison after he’s no longer president.

Clearly, Trump is facing a cash crunch. He’s not as rich as he likes to pretend he is and he’s about to have a lot of expenses he doesn’t have to pay right now such as housing, food, and transportation.

If we ever do get to see the Donald’s taxes, don’t be surprised if they show he’s up to his neck in debt and broke, a billionaire only in his imagination.

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