Former Defense Department Official Alleges Trump Has Committed Yet Another Impeachable Offense

While the investigation being conducted by the House impeachment inquiry is focused on the abuse of power committed by President Donald Trump in regard to withholding military aid to Ukraine unless they agreed to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, a new book lays out another case of Trump using his office in what is clearly an improper manner.

Task & Purpose has obtained some excerpts from the forthcoming book entitled Holding The Line: Inside Trump’s Pentagon with Secretary Mattis by Guy Snodgrass, who worked as a speechwriter for former Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and one of the incidents Snodgrass reveals is that Trump wanted to try and settle his long-running feud with Amazon by ordering Mattis to “screw” the online retailer out of a chance to bid on a $10 billion cloud networking contract:

“Relaying the story to us during Small Group, Mattis said, ‘We’re not going to do that. This will be done by the book, both legally and ethically.'”

Trump has a deep hatred for Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post and is the richest man in the world. The president has accused Amazon of ripping off the U.S. Post Office, even though the online retailer is the biggest corporate contract the postal service has. And Trump frequently rails against the Post as a “lobbyist” for Amazon simply because it dares to report the truth about the administration.

The order to “screw Amazon” is a clear abuse of presidential power. Trump wanted to try and settle his score with Bezos by telling the Defense Secretary to break the law. Mattis refused, but the fact that Trump gave the order is an impeachable offense.

The House impeachment inquiry is reportedly looking at charging Trump with abuse of power, and this latest example of his wrongdoing should be added to the articles of impeachment that are being draw up. This incident, in addition to the Ukraine fiasco, are proof positive that Donald Trump is unfit to be president.

One thought on “Former Defense Department Official Alleges Trump Has Committed Yet Another Impeachable Offense

  1. Republicans that voted against the impeachment inquiry have violated their oath of office to “protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” By not voting for an inquiry they are giving “carte blanche” to Trump to commit any act he wants with complete immunity. It is imperative we vote all Republicans out of office.

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