Sean Hannity Is So Afraid Trump Will Lose That He’s Stalking Joe Biden’s House

Fox News host Sean Hannity is terrified. He’s seen the polls from his network and other outlets, and they all suggest that Donald Trump is trailing Joe Biden and looks especially weak in key battleground states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. But rather than present facts or try to reason with viewers, Hannity has […]

Sean Hannity Confides To Fox News Staffers That He Believes Trump Is ‘Batsh*t Crazy’: Report

Ever since he announced he would be running for president, Fox News has been an eager cheerleader for Donald Trump, devoting hours of fawning coverage to the former real estate mogul and serving as his favorite network for spreading his hatred, lies, and conspiracy theories. Lately, however, the bloom is off Fox as far as […]

Sean Hannity May Have Also Played A Role In The Trump-Ukraine Scandal

Each day seems to bring a new development in the unfolding Ukraine scandal which has Donald Trump on the verge being just the third president to ever face articles of impeachment. A couple months ago, Rudy Giuliani’s two henchmen, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, were arraigned in a Manhattan federal court, where they both pleaded […]