Trump Faithful Picket Attorney General Bill Barr’s House Because He Won’t ‘Indict’ Joe Biden

The MAGA faithful are getting worried. They can sense that Donald Trump may well lose the 2020 election, so they’re reaching for whatever  straw they can grasp in a desperate attempt to pull off a last-second Hail Mary play that will somehow tilt the presidential race back to their tangerine lord and savior.

How desperate are the Trump worshipers? Well, they showed up outside Attorney General William Barr’s house and picketed him because he hasn’t indicted Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for whatever “crimes” they believe he’s committed:

Donald Trump has helped spread the idea that Barr needs to indict Biden, recently referring to the former vice president’s son, Hunter, at a campaign rally in Michigan:

“He is a criminal. He’s a criminal. He got caught – read his laptop.”

And Trump also told reporters earlier this month:

“Let me tell you something, Joe Biden is a criminal and he’s been a criminal for a long time, and you’re a criminal and the media for not reporting it.”

The facts, however, speak otherwise. There is absolutely no evidence that either Joe or Hunter Biden have committed any crime, but of course neither Donald Trump or his followers even let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. There was also plenty of mockery for the Trumpers on social media:

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