Republicans In Full Panic Mode As Internal Polls Show Biden Winning In Several Red States

With the 2020 election now just three days away, Republicans are looking at internal polls, and what they see has them terrified: Joe Biden is beating Donald Trump in states that Trump should be leading by double digits.

Two of the most concerning states for the GOP are Arizona and Georgia, both of which Trump absolutely needs if he’s going to get to 270 electoral votes. Trump’s poor performance is also threatening to drag down incumbent Republican senators and hand control of the Senate to Democrats, according to The Washington Post:

“’Well, the president’s losing Arizona. And, you know, we think that he and Martha are very intrinsically tied together,’ Kevin McLaughlin, the executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, explained during a 90-minute presentation on the state of the races Thursday. Trump won Arizona by 3.5 percentage points in 2016 and is now trailing Democrat Joe Biden, according to both public and private polling, which Republicans feel is why Sen. Martha McSally (R) is also trailing in her key race.

At one point, NRSC strategists believed Biden hit 50 percent in Georgia — a figure they found ‘terrifying’ as they try to defend two seats in the state, which Trump won by five percentage points in 2016.”

Even more concerning for Republicans are the states of Alaska and Kansas, both of which are trending Democratic.

Trump won Kansas by 20 points in 2016, but at the moment he only leads by a few percentage points. And Alaska, which has only voted for a Democratic presidential nominee once, in 1964, is also looking bad for the GOP:

“’You should’ve seen those [polls] three weeks ago when we had the president down,’ McLaughlin said, explaining Trump was actually losing in Alaska this month and how the Senate incumbent’s race sunk with the president. ‘I mean, it’s not because of (Sen.) Dan Sullivan. I’m just telling you.'”

In other words, Sullivan is losing because he’s tied to the president. And how is Sullivan supposed to distance himself from Trump this late in the game yet sound believable?

What does all of this mean? Well, it suggests that Trump may well lose two or more states he carried handily four years ago, which would be disastrous because his path to 270 electoral votes is already incredibly narrow.

But for Senate Republicans — especially Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) — the numbers are showing the likelihood that when all the votes are counted, Democrats will control the upper chamber by a margin of 55-45 or even 56-44. With a cushion like that and control of the House and White House, Democrats will be able to pass any legislation they want while also confirming every federal judge nominated by a President Biden.

It has long been predicted that Donald Trump would destroy the Republican Party. And now it seems that prediction is about to become a very ugly reality for the GOP.

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  1. Be great if we could really trust what we see. I guess I am still reeling from the attack on Bidens Bus. What is coming?? Just another ship load of unrest and disorder from this outfit of Treachery and Fear.

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