Trump Supporters Are At Each Other’s Throats Over Whether Or Not He Should Concede

There’s no joy in MAGA land these days, as faithful supporters of President Donald Trump face the cold reality that in a couple of months, their political savior will longer be in the White House and they’ll have to move on.

But there’s one issue that Trump supporters vehemently disagree on: Should he concede and admit defeat or remain defiant to the very end?

According to the Washington Post, there’s two very different schools of thought on how Trump should handle his loss:

“Many Trump voters say it would seem out of character for the president to make a concession speech. As of Friday, bettors on PredictIt, an online prediction market, put the chance that Trump would concede anytime soon at just 9 percent. Still, some Trump supporters believe he is hurting the country by making false claims about fraud.”

Sam LoFaso lives in Beaver County, Pa. and says he thinks it’s time for Trump to move on and admit defeat:

“Biden beat him and he’s fighting a losing battle. I don’t know who’s giving him his information, but the country is in turmoil and he’s creating even more of it with what he’s doing.

“Is he a sore loser? Yes. It’s not in his DNA to lose. But I think, behind closed doors, the Republicans should tell him, for the betterment of the country, move on. The game isn’t over until the whistle blows. But the whistle has blown on him.”

Elijah Pitts of Michigan, however, is convinced that Trump won by “a landslide,” noting:

“If they went through and counted and could legitimize every vote, and Trump lost, I would be okay.”

The common thread among those who think Trump should refuse to concede is the same: He was cheated out of a second term. They believe that even though the vote totals show Biden won, the election was stolen from Trump.

Many among the group that says they want Trump to keep fighting also favor a strong leader who can rule by decree:

“Large majorities of Americans still embrace democracy. But the share of voters who want ‘a strong leader who does not have to bother with Congress and elections’ grew from 25 percent in 1990 to 37 percent in 2017, according to the World Values Survey, which measured attitudes in 48 countries.”

Of course, that’s not the way things work in a democratic system, and if there’s one thing Donald Trump has proven over the past four years, it’s that even though the Founding Fathers gave us the most perfect system of government ever devised, it seems the nation has to go through periods when all of those noble ideas found in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are tested almost to the breaking point. And that alone should give all of us pause.

One thought on “Trump Supporters Are At Each Other’s Throats Over Whether Or Not He Should Concede

  1. There is no question who is winning and it is not the GOP those republicans in the white house that are scouring it from the inside with the corruption that oozes to the outside world while they all think it is not noticed. Like all the hold ups all the charity scandals all the large incomes suddenly appearing for some of these mouth guards of trump. The charity the go fund me. The outside support of violence the support of the bad boys. What has become of the once great party that could be relied upon? Just looking at the guilt ridden faces of those senators tells its own story. Trump is no Presidential material.
    By the way what about the dying Americans that pay the large overblown salaries that are not making any returns. Stuff the economy Keep my family alive that live over there.

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