Speakers At Pro-Trump Rally In Minnesota Tell Crowd To Prepare For ‘Civil War’ (VIDEO)

Those who fervently support Donald Trump are not your usual political backers. They tend to be fanatical, fond of conspiracy theories, and fearful that the end is near. A pro-Trump rally in Wilmar, Minnesota, which attracted about 200 people provided ample evidence of just how far out of the mainstream the average Trumpkin is. At the […]

Arizona Trump Supporters Call For ‘Liberal Genocide’ And Deportation Of Jews At Rally (VIDEO)

In Maricopa County, Arizona, last weekend, some residents–including heavily armed militiamen, white nationalists, and even some elected officials–gathered for a “March for Trump” rally. Granted, not a big deal. At least not until you watch the video of the event and hear what some of those who attended had to say. Arizona Congressman Anthony Kern […]

GOP Congressman Says Charleston Massacre Turned Out ‘Great’ (VIDEO)

Why is it that Republicans are always so eager to talk about the need to control terrorism carried out by Muslim extremists, but often want to try and minimize terror acts of terror where the perpetrator is a white person? Tuesday morning on CNN, GOP Congressman Sean Duffy was attempting to defend Donald Trump’s controversial […]

Trump’s Favorite Sheriff Calls For War Against ‘Subversive’ Progressives (VIDEO)

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is a very angry man. He’s also a blowhard and a bully. So it’s little wonder that Donald Trump is such a huge fan. At a victory rally in Wisconsin earlier this week, Clarke was against front and center, giving a fiery speech in which he called for the crowd […]

‘Christian’ Pastor Pens Letter To Trump, Begs Him To Eliminate ‘Antichrist Jews’

Before today, I had never heard of Pastor Mark Downey. Downey is a so-called Christian minister for Kinsman Redeemer Ministries, and he recently penned an open letter to President-elect Trump urging him to crack down on Jewish Americans. Downey is a member of the “Christian identity” movement, a fringe element on the far right that claims “Germanic, […]

Ex-Skinhead Says He’s Terrified Of What Trump Will Do To America As President (VIDEO)

Christian Picciolini used to be a skinhead, so he’s quite familiar with the rhetoric neo-Nazis use in order to recruit  young members into the extremist fold. And he says that same coded language and imagery is now being used by Donald Trump. In an interview with the Times of Israel, Picciolini recalled how he was […]

FINALLY! Twitter Suspends Accounts Of Alt-Right Hatemongers

Even though it took them forever and a day, Twitter has finally decided to crack down on the racist ramblings of numerous alt-right asshats who have been spewing their venom on the social media platform for years now. One of those booted from Twitter was Richard Spencer, the notorious white nationalist and so-called “father” of […]

Founder Of Alt-Right Declares: Trump Is First Step To Turn USA Into ‘Safe Space’ For Whites

Chances are you’ve never heard of Richard Spencer. He’s head of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist, and widely considered to be the founder of the alt-right movement in the United States. And he recently gave an interview to Al Letson of Reveal in which he declared the election of Donald Trump is the […]

Gingrich: Joe McCarthy Was Right; We Need A New House Un-American Activities Committee

As we all suspected, the real goal of Donald Trump and his closest cronies is to return this country to the 1950s, when African-Americans and other minorities were subservient, women did as they were told, and white male Christians ran everything. Back in June, on Fox and Friends, Newt Gingrich, whose name is being mentioned […]

Neo-Nazis Announce Plans For Voter Suppression: Pass Out ’40s And Weed’ In ‘Ghettos Of Philly ‘

Earlier this week, the Ku Klux Klan gleefully endorsed Donald Trump for President, and even put him on the front-page of their “newspaper” which is distributed to brainless hate-filled morons across the country: This comes as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention over the past year and a half since Trump announced […]