Noted Physician Says He’s Convinced Donald Trump Has Suffered ‘Multiple Small Strokes’

It’s been clear for quite some time now that Donald Trump is not in good health. Whether it’s his frequent inability to pronounce the simplest words, his sweating like a pig, or his constant sniffing while speaking, watching Trump for a few minutes gives you the distinct impression that he’s not exactly a specimen of […]

Just Released Video Of Trump Dragging His Leg Raises New Questions About His Health

Given everything that’s going on in the nation and world these days, you can certainly be forgiven if you didn’t know that Donald Trump visited a laboratory in North Carolina on Tuesday that is doing research on a possible vaccine for the novel coronavirus. However, the president did indeed visit the lab, and some footage […]

Neurologist Says Trump’s Strange Way Of Walking Is Evidence Of A ‘Degenerative Brain Problem’

During the 2016 election, you probably recall, Donald Trump, his campaign, and its surrogates repeatedly tried to imply that Hillary Clinton was hiding things about her health. They insinuated Clinton wasn’t well and had some unspecified disease or mental impairment that would prevent her from being an effective head of state. Now it’s 2020, and […]

Video Comparison Of Trump From 2015 And 2020 Proves His Health Has Deteriorated

Donald Trump turned 74 in June. He was 70 when he took office, making him the oldest president to ever be elected to the office, beating out Ronald Reagan by almost a full year. So it seems only fitting to take a closer look at whether or not Trump is mentally and physically fit for […]

Alarming Video Of Trump Provides Evidence He May Be Suffering From Advanced Dementia

A little over a month ago, as Minneapolis and other major U.S. cities were embroiled in massive protests over the murder of George Floyd by police officers, Donald Trump and his White House entourage flew to Cape Canaveral for the liftoff of a SpaceX rocket. The rocket reached orbit without any problems and later docked […]

Donald Trump Is Six Months Overdue For His Annual Physical – What Is He Hiding?

At the first of every year, a sitting president is supposed to receive an annual physical and the results are to be released to the public so we can all know what kind of health the head of state is in. But it’s almost June and Donald Trump hasn’t yet had his physical for 2020, […]

Something Very Strange Is Happening With Trump’s Annual Medical Exams

You may recall that back in November of last year, Donald Trump made an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed Military Medical Center, with the Washington Post noting at the time: “President Trump’s impromptu weekend visit to a doctor brought fresh questions about the status of his health after the White House released a memo late […]