More Insults From Trump–This Time Uses Fake Indian Accent (Video)

In recent days, we’ve been hearing a new message from the Trump campaign: Now that the GOP front-runner appears to be even closer to securing the delegates needed for a first ballot victory at the Republican convention in July, he’s going to be “more Presidential.” Trump himself even made reference to it earlier this week: […]

Trans Teen And Mother Forcibly Removed From Ted Cruz Rally In Maryland

A transgender teen, along with his mother, were thrown out of a Ted Cruz rally being held in Maryland. They were tossed from the event even though they had reserved tickets and Cruz had not yet even appeared on stage. 16-year-old James Van Kuilenburg told a Washington newspaper that he and his mother were sitting at […]

Bill O’Reilly Says There Is Only One Person Trump Should Consider As Veep (Video)

Bill O’Reilly has this whole 2016 election deal all figured out. On his show last night, discussing the GOP race with former Bush press secretary Dana Perino, O’Reilly said he’s now convinced Trump will win the delegates he needs to secure a first ballot victory at the Republican convention in July. Now all that’s left […]

WTF?! John McCain’s Dimwitted Daughter Says ‘Bernie Sanders Is A Cult Leader’ (Video)

The debate on the Fox News show “Outnumbered” between Meghan McCain and Julie Roginsky got more than little heated Wednesday when the discussion turned to the results of the New York primary, which was won overwhelmingly by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The panel agreed that a Clinton/Trump matchup in November would be fascinating, but […]

Stephen Colbert’s Message To The Bigots In North Carolina Is Perfect (Video)

Ever since the passage of HB2 in North Carolina, the state has been reeling from the loss of business, income, and investment. Leaders in the state, including GOP Governor Pat McCrory, have come under increasing pressure to repeal the law. All in all, its been a public relations nightmare for the state. Last night on […]

Founder Of Oath Keepers Preparing For War With Liberals And Islamists (Video)

The founder of Oath Keepers, the radical group which is affiliated with antigovernment “patriot” movement, says war is coming soon, and he and his followers are preparing to battle a coalition of liberals, Islamists, and drug cartels. Perhaps he’d be better off fighting against his own massive ignorance and hatred, but that would require introspection, […]

JUST IN: GOP Consultant Files $4 Million Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

One the most frequent refrains heard from Donald Trump when he doesn’t get his way or doesn’t like the way something has gone in relation to a business deal or the results of a primary is to threaten a lawsuit to rectify the wrong that he feels has been done to him. According to Trump, […]

WATCH: Once Again John Kasich Talks About Rape–Proves His Own Ignorance

Just a couple of days ago, GOP Presidential contender John Kasich got into hot water when he said that women can prevent being raped by not going to parties where alcohol is served. As if it’s the fault of the alcohol instead of the lowlife rapist. When he was asked for clarification or to see […]

JUST IN: New Polls From New York And California Are Showing Dramatic Movement

Some have speculated that next Tuesday’s New York primary could well be a turning point in the Democratic race for the 2016 nomination. Recent primaries and caucuses have helped Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders build momentum as the primaries head towards the home stretch and the convention in July. Early on, it was thought that former […]

NC Governor Gets Called Out On National TV For Bathroom Law (Video)

North Carolina has stepped into a huge pile of national controversy and economic consequence as a result of the passage of HB2, which blatantly discriminates against the LGBT community. And on Sunday the utterly clueless GOP Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, showed up on “Meet the Press.” The way things went for McCrory, he’s […]