Rush Limbaugh: ‘ISIS Didn’t Exist When George W. Bush Left Office’

Don’t you just love how the far right engages in selective memory when it comes to historical matters which paint their heroes in an unflattering light? The latest conservative icon to employ this method is windbag radio host Rush Limbaugh, who appeared on the Fox News Sunday show and tried to assert that the rise […]

RWNJ Columnist: ‘Bomb Mecca’ To Show Muslims ‘Our God Is More Powerful’

If you’ve been watching the news since the attacks in Paris, then you know it’s been a week when the right wing nut job commentators and columnists–along with nearly every GOP politician–has been bashing anything that remotely resembles a Muslim person, including widows and orphans from Syria. And then yesterday Donald Trump–who is still the […]

Here We Go Again: Paris Attack ‘Truthers’ Are Already Out In Force On The Internet

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Just a couple of days after Paris was rocked by a series of terrorist attacks that left 132 people dead, the right wing asshats who populate the dark corners of the Internet have crawled from the slime they inhabit and now have a newconspiracy theory: the attacks were […]

Right Wing Nutjobs: Ahmed Mohamed’s Arrest Was A ‘Setup’ To Make Islamophobia Seem Racist

As if the arrest of high school student Ahmed Mohamed for bringing a homemade clock to school to show his teacher wasn’t bad enough, now we have the right wing nutjobs–with their electronic bullhorn Fox News–claiming that the whole thing was a giant conspiracy designed to make their rampant Islamophobia seem as racist and intolerant […]

Online Nutjobs Claim Virginia Shooting Was A Hoax Perpetuated To Grab Guns (Videos)

Well, that didn’t take long. Just a couple of days after the tragic on-air shooting of reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman, Adam Ward, the right wing nut jobs have already spun a conspiracy theory which claims the entire thing was a hoax perpetuated so the government can justify taking guns from everyone. Who is […]

How Did The Right Wing Nutjobs Wish POTUS A Happy Birthday? In Disgusting Ways

Yesterday was President Obama’s 54th birthday, and I hope it was a great day for him. Considering all the success he’s had in recent months, something tells me it was one of the sweetest birthdays so far since he became President. Twitter surprised the President by letting loose a ton of animated balloons on the […]

Protesters Shred Ann Coulter’s Latest Hateful Tome At Book Signing Event (Video)

No doubt you’ve heard or read some of the racist, xenophobic crap that Ann Coulter is so fond of spewing. She has said that American should be more afraid of illegal immigrants than the terrorist group ISIS and that the United States should deny citizenship to those who are disabled. Well, looks like all that […]

Wackobird Extremist Claims Liberals ‘Worship At The Altar of Death,’ Says Abortion Is Their ‘Ritual’

We’ve all heard some ridiculous, over the top, hyperbolic language from those on the Anti-Choice side who believe that no woman should be allowed to make her own reproductive decisions, but when I heard what right wing radio host Matt Barber said recently about those who support a woman’s right to choose, I was flabbergasted. […]

Baseball Fans Chant ‘Four More Years’ To Obama–Right Wing Heads Explode

While President Obama was attending the Congressional baseball game recently, some fans who were cheering for the Democratic team launched into a cheer which went something like this: “Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!” The President, ever the humble gentleman, smiled and waved as the press took photos of him, and then […]

WATCH As An Immigration Activist Shames Ann Coulter And Exposes Her As Heartless

Ann Coulter is one of the most strident anti-immigration individuals in the country, maybe in the world. So when an illegal immigrant who is also an activist for the immigration movement asked Coulter if she could give her a hug, you can probably imagine how that went. At a Q&A session for Coulter’s latest book, […]