Don Jr. Attacks The Clintons For Their Connections To Jeffrey Epstein And Immediately Regrets It

Donald Trump Jr. is a smug little prick who absolutely loves to try and troll people on social media, but the majority of the time he only serves to humiliate himself and his family with his moronic postings which almost always wind up backfiring badly. And yet, despite his repeated failures at being snarky or […]

Trump Gets Thoroughly Mocked After He Fails To Hide His Bald Spot During Monday Presser

If you saw any of President Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus briefing on Monday, then you probably know that he was in rare form, speaking in incomplete sentences, rambling on endlessly, and at times making even less sense than he usually does. But some eagle-eyed Trump watchers noticed something else: Trump’s bald spot was in plain […]

Delusional Donald Claims He’s More Popular Than Obama And Gets Pelted With Internet Karma

Donald Trump is struggling to find a ray of sunshine amidst the downpour that is sinking him further in the national polls in a head-to-head matchup with Joe Biden, and he’s getting so desperate that he’s resorted to making up polling results that either don’t exist or are based on badly flawed methodology. Bright and […]

New Court Filing: Manhattan DA Is Preparing To Indict Trump For Bank And Insurance Fraud

Based on a filing in a New York federal court on Monday, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is working to indict Donald Trump and the Trump Organization on charges of bank and insurance fraud, the New York Times reports: “The Manhattan district attorney’s office suggested on Monday that it has been investigating President Trump […]

Texas Woman Says She Won’t Let Her Children Wear A Mask Because They’ll ‘Look Like A Muslim’

First we had Donald Trump refusing to wear a protective mask despite the fact that coronavirus was (and still is) causing thousands of infections and deaths across the United States. And now we have people who have listened to the president and absorbed all sorts of wild conspiracy theories on right-wing websites saying they will […]

Donald Trump’s Favorite Bank Just Made It Clear They Aren’t Going To Protect Him Any Longer

The bank that has loaned Donald Trump more money than any other over the years appears to be ready to toss one of its most famous clients to the wolves based on actions bank leadership has taken, the New York Times reports: “Deutsche Bank has opened an internal investigation into the longtime personal banker of […]

Noted Physician Says He’s Convinced Donald Trump Has Suffered ‘Multiple Small Strokes’

It’s been clear for quite some time now that Donald Trump is not in good health. Whether it’s his frequent inability to pronounce the simplest words, his sweating like a pig, or his constant sniffing while speaking, watching Trump for a few minutes gives you the distinct impression that he’s not exactly a specimen of […]

Conservatives Demanding Trump Cripple Social Security With Next Coronavirus Relief Bill

It’s starting to look like the next coronavirus relief bill is being held hostage over one issue near and dear to the hearts of conservatives in the GOP: A payroll tax cut, which would deny the Social Security Trust Fund of billions in badly-needed dollars at a time when more people are retiring and retirees […]

Goldbricking Trump Gets Masterfully Trolled By Protesters While On His Way To Play Golf

Everywhere you look this weekend, it’s painfully clear that the United States is in crisis. If you doubt that, just consider these undeniable facts: Coronavirus continues to infect and kill hundreds of Americans each and every day, with no respite in sight Unemployment benefits for millions of laid off workers ended Friday and are being […]

Trump Gets Utterly Humiliated By The Pathetic Turnout For His Tampa Airport ‘Rally’

Absolutely nothing is going right for Donald Trump these days. He’s way behind in the polls, his campaign has stopped buying airtime for TV ads, and the Gross Domestic Product for the U.S. economy dropped a staggering 32.9 percent over the past three months, the largest fall in history, surpassing even the Great Depression. So, […]