WATCH A Fox News Host Call Democrats ‘Anti-American’ And The ‘Party Of Hate And Destruction’

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro is a hateful and willfully ignorant nutjob who should have been purged from the network a long time ago. And she proved that again Friday during an appearance on Fox & Friends to discuss recent political developments. When the topic turned to the recent special election in Georgia, Pirro said […]

MSNBC Fact Checked Trump’s Iowa Rally Speech, And It’s Freaking BRILLIANT! (VIDEO)

Wednesday evening, as scandal swirled all around him and his lies increased with every tweet, President Trump went to Iowa for one of his patented victory rallies, even though the election was over seven months ago. Apparently Trump needs to bask in the adoration of his brain dead acolytes whenever visions of impeachment and incarceration become […]

Even This Trump Apologist Thinks The POTUS Is In Big Trouble (VIDEO)

To hear Donald Trump and his attorneys tell it, the president isn’t under investigation by the FBI or Special Counsel Robert Mueller. That’s odd since Trump himself recently said he’s being investigated: I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt — […]

New Report Details Trump’s Extensive Ties To Russian Mafia, Worldwide Money Laundering Operations

While he often claims he has no connections to Russia or Russian business interests, a groundbreaking new report from Bloomberg View suggests that President Trump has numerous partnerships with Russian organized crime and has benefited from money laundering operations which reach around the globe. Rubles Spend Just Like Dollars In 2007, as part of a […]

Trump Slashing Housing Funds For The Needy But Protecting Millions In Subsidies He Receives

As President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress begin their coordinated assault on the most vulnerable members of American society, rest assured that they and their wealthy contributors won’t have to sacrifice anything. From health care to taxes, food assistance to housing, Republicans plan to cut away billions of dollars currently being used to provide a […]

WATCH A Trump Surrogate Go Down In Flames While Discussing Terror Attack On Muslims In London

Whenever there’s a terror attack, President Trump is usually quick to take to Twitter and comment on the matter, even though in doing so he only manages to prove his own ignorance and bigotry. But the most recent attack in London–this one against Muslims leaving evening prayers and perpetrated by a white man from Wales–has […]

U.S. Senator Sounds ‘Red Alert’–Trump Is Starting A New War Without Congressional Approval

On Sunday, an American fighter jet shot down a Syrian warplane after the Syrian pilot dropped bombs on ground forces supported by the United States in the ongoing battle against the international terrorist group ISIS. Monday, Russian officials condemned the downing of the Syrian plane. Russia also suspended the use of military hotline Washington and Moscow […]

EXPOSED: Trump Campaign Head Met With Suspected Russian Spy Just Months Before Election

In August of 2016, just months before Donald Trump was elected president, his former campaign chairman met and had dinner with a man who may have ties to Russian intelligence. Two meetings took place between Paul Manafort and Konstantin Kilimnik, a man who is suspected of being a high-level spy for the Russian intelligence service. According to […]

WATCH A Trump Attorney Both Confirm And Deny His Client Is Under Investigation

Apparently if you want to be an attorney for President Trump, you have to be willing to say one thing one second and the opposite the next, much like the client you represent. Such was the case with Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow when he appeared on Fox News Sunday and swore the president wasn’t being […]

If Mike Pence Is So Innocent, Why Is He Raising Millions For His Legal Defense?

While Mike Pence may try to pretend he played absolutely no role in the Russiagate scandal which is on the verge of consuming the White House, recent actions he’s taken would seem to suggest that he’s deeply enmeshed in the matter. You probably recall Pence has repeatedly sworn that even though he was head of […]