Unearthed Photo Of Trump Introducing Young Eric & Ivanka To Jeffrey Epstein Is Creepy As Hell

Donald Trump hangs out with some interesting people, but perhaps none is more notorious than the late Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted on charges of soliciting prostitution in response to allegations that he had molested dozens of underage girls. Epstein, you’ll recall, died in federal custody last year while awaiting trail for sex trafficking. The cause of death […]

Mixed Messaging From Fox News Is Keeping Some Republicans From Casting A 2020 Ballot: Report

For months now, President Donald Trump has been saying the 2020 election will be “rigged” and that absentee ballots cast via the U.S. Mail will provide the margin of victory for Democrats, who he claims (without a shred of proof) will use the coronavirus pandemic to guarantee they win by encouraging voters to vote by […]

Trump Reelection Campaign Claims Michigan’s Governor Is ‘Encouraging’ His Assassination

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign — much like the candidate they’re supporting — has jumped the shark and is so desperate to try and change the subject from his falling poll numbers that they’re now accusing Democratic governors of calling for him to be assassinated. In this particular case, the Trump campaign is going after Michigan […]

Don Jr’s Latest Bizarre Online Video Is Giving Social Media Users ‘Creepy Vibes’

Once again, Donald Trump Jr. appears to be sending out a cry for help on social media, and instead of getting sympathy, he’s freaking people out and giving them what one Twitter user called “creepy vibes.” Don Jr. posted a video to Instagram on Sunday evening in which he appears to be reclined in bed […]

A 2009 SCOTUS Ruling Is About To Bite Amy Coney Barrett Right On Her A*s

During her confirmation hearings last week, Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett refused to say if she would recuse herself from any potential cases related to the 2020 election, remarking: “I certainly hope that all members of the committee have more confidence in my integrity to think I would allow myself to be used as […]

Former White House Strategist Predicts Trump Will Run Again In 2024 If He Loses To Biden

Consider this hypothetical situation: Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump and becomes the 46th President of the United States. The long national nightmare is finally over with and the U.S. returns to normality. But what happens in 2024? Does Biden seek a second term, or would he decide one term is enough and pass the torch […]

Paranoid Trump Is Now Looking For Hidden Messages In Joe Biden’s Remarks

Each and every day, Donald Trump looks at the latest tracking polls and sees that he’s falling further and further behind his likely Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, who is up by as much as 9 points nationally over Trump and also leads in key battleground states such as Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and […]

Former Staffer: Jared Kushner Is Gay And In An ‘Arranged’ Marriage With Ivanka

The final evening of the Republican convention in August was full-scale propaganda night, with the apex of the lying and misinformation being (as you’d expect), Donald Trump’s 70-minute long rant in which he repeatedly patted himself on the back while simultaneously spewing out bullshit about how terrible things would be if he’s not reelected. In […]

There’s One Possible ‘October Surprise’ Remaining – And It Could Destroy Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been desperately hoping for a major game-changing revelation that might somehow alter the equation for him in his race against Joe Biden, who, according to most polls, is leading by a significant margin and poised to win in a landslide. In other words, Trump needs an “October Surprise” to save him from […]

Former Trump Organization Executive Says The Donald Didn’t Want ‘Black Kids’ In His Hotel

Donald Trump loves to brag that he’s the best president for African-Americans since Abraham Lincoln. He also denies that he’s the least bit racist. Both of those claims are complete bullshit, but we’ve come to expect endless lies since Trump took office. Now there’s a new tell-all book from Barbara Res, who worked for 18 […]