Donald Jr. Says Daddy’s Boasting About Sexual Assault Is ‘Normal’ And ‘Human’ (AUDIO)

Like father, like son. We’ve all heard that expression our entire lives, and now we see Donald Trump, Jr. perfectly exemplifying the old saying. Not long ago, Donnie Jr. declared that his father talking about how he loves to sexually assault women for his sexual thrills “makes him a human.” The moronic Trump spawn then […]

Former ‘Apprentice’ Contestant Drops Sexual Assault Bomb On Donald Trump (DETAILS)

As allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment continue to swirl around former movie executive Harvey Weinstein, it now appears that President Trump’s past bad behavior may soon be back in the spotlight, too. Summer Zervos, a former contestant on The Apprentice, has served Trump’s campaign committee with a subpoena requesting any and all documents related to sexual […]

WATCH Ana Navarro Shut Down A Trump Supporter For His Blatant Hypocrisy

A debate between conservative Ben Ferguson and former Republican strategist Ana Navarro got heated Thursday morning on CNN during a discussion of women and the two main American political parties. It began when Ferguson complained that Ellen DeGeneres had promoted rap star Eminem’s freestyle rap criticizing President Trump, and yet, Ferguson said, DeGeneres refuses to have Trump […]

Trump Admits He Likes To Feel Up Melania In Public, Says He May Have A ‘Psychological Problem’ (AUDIO)

On the rare occasions when Donald Trump has offered to share details of his personal life, one thing became very clear: He’s as much of an asshole in private as he in public. New audio from some of Trump’s old appearances on The Howard Stern Show have surfaced, and in them Trump admits that his daughter Ivanka […]

What Katy Tur Just Revealed About Trump Will Make Your Skin Crawl

By his own admission on the Access Hollywood video, President Trump enjoys making women uncomfortable by kissing them against their will and even sexually assaulting them if he’s in the mood. And now we have another confirmation of that from NBC reporter Katy Tur. Tur, who was assigned to cover Trump during the 2016 campaign, has just released […]

Ivanka Trump In 2006: ‘If He Wasn’t My Father, I Would Spray Him With Mace’

Here’s what we know about Donald Trump: He’s a con man, a pathological liar, a sorry excuse of a businessman, and, based on the testimony of numerous women, a pervert who gets off on sexually assaulting helpless females. And now we can add his daughter Ivanka to the list of women who know exactly what kind […]

WATCH: Trump Supporter HUMILIATES HERSELF By Claiming Hillary Sexually Assaults Women

If you tuned into CNN last night, you may have seen what could go down in the annals of television as one of the most bizarre moments ever seen on a video screen. Trump supporter Gina Loudon began by laying out a bogus list of claims against Hillary Clinton and was soon fact checked by […]

Dear Mike Pence: You’re Just As Guilty As Donald Trump, And Here’s Why

Shortly after the news broke Friday about comments Donald Trump made in 2005 regarding how he treats women and gets away with it because he’s wealthy and famous, Mike Pence began to get questions regarding how he felt about the matter. A source told the Associated Press Pence had been “furious” and “beside himself.” But […]

Christian Website Offers Advice On ‘How To Help Women Learn Their Place’

An allegedly Christian website, Biblical Gender Roles, is now offering helpful hints on how women can best learn their place and how men can help them achieve such “knowledge.” Keep in mind this is the very same website which refuses to admit that spousal rape exists and also how to best punish your wife should […]

Which States Are Failing To Help Rape Victims? This Map Shows You

You may recall a report in USA Today a few months ago which revealed there were more than 70,000 untested rape kits across the United States. But that report only looked at about 1,000 police departments, and there are more than 18,000 police departments in America, meaning the 70,000 is just the tip of the […]